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Chicago Masory, Tuckpointing & Brick Repair

Cost effective brick repair

in Chicago

If you are based in Chicago, maintaining brick houses and masonry walls becomes easy with help from the professional masonry and tuckpointing contractors at Fortune Restoration. As a homeowner, you will have limited knowledge about how to properly restore and keep the masonry in good shape; this is where experts from Fortune Restoration come handy.
Brick Repair Chicago

We provide the finest brick repair in Chicago with full sourcing and matching services for your brick and masonry.

Chicago Masonry Contractors

Our motive is to match the material based on color and dimension, and where possible, we source locally for your project to match details. We also endeavor to use high-quality customary lime and sand in the repair and masonry tuckpointing processes.
Masonry Tuckpointing Chicago

Chicago Repairing & Restoring Mortar

When repairing or restoring historic mortar, in the oldest home or the oldest Italian restaurant in Chicago, we have learnt that it is really important to ensure replacement mortar is compatible with the old mortar. Incompatible mortar can lead to irreversible damage to the historic masonry. A similar problem can occur with incompatible paint and stucco too.

House Painting Contractors Chicago

In addition to restoring historic mortar, at Fortune Restoration, we also deal with modern construction. We can deal in restoration of brick and stone walls with same efficiency and skills. We are also house painting contractors, sending quality painters to take care of your home painting projects for you.

Fix Your Brick with Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago

Brick walls and surfaces are designed to last, but over time, they may require brick repair in Chicago. Acid rain and other forms of weathering can play a dramatic role in wearing down the mortar in between the bricks. When this happens, you need to turn to experienced masonry contractors to help. At Fortune Restoration, we are tuckpointing contractors who can perform all the repairs you need to keep your brick surfaces looking great and ensure they don’t fall apart.

Tuckpointing Is Effective

Rather than replacing all of the brick, it’s better to get brick repair to restore the brick to its original look and structural integrity. Our experienced tuckpointing contractors in Chicago are ready to help you fix your brick issues and get it back to the way it was. Our team members will work hard to make sure everything looks the way it originally did and the masonry is as strong as possible. The last thing you want to do is allow your brick structure to collapse due to deteriorating mortar.

Experienced Contractors

Our masonry contractors in Chicago have even worked on some of the most historical buildings in the area. We take great pride in our work and perform the highest quality work so your brick will look like new again. When you contact us, we will send someone to your home or business to evaluate the state of your brick and make a recommendation for repairing or replacing it as needed.

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